Services can be provided in person, over the phone, or online.

General Information
We instruct kids of all ages in developing vital skills for achieving success in life. We  guide students in developing self-motivation, confidence, and a “can-do” attitude. We provide engaging and personalized instruction for developing goal-setting skills and for fostering resilience and grit through consulting, workshops, speaking engagements, and online classes. 

We work directly with children and teens, with parents/caregivers, or a combination.

Free Discovery  During our free discovery meeting, we will explore your hopes and concerns. I will also want to hear about strengths and interests. Then we will examine possible paths and services to assist you.

Power Hour  The Power Hour is used to get a more in-depth picture of the child, learning about strengths, challenges, interests, aversions, hopes, and dreams. In this meeting caregivers and the child discuss where the child is at and where they want to be. Academic records, IEP’s, and any other information we feel would be helpful can be presented during this meeting. The meeting will end with a brainstorm of goals and possible strategies for meeting those goals. Visit the store to purchase.

Consultation, Coaching, and Related Services  During subsequent consultations, I will use a goal achievement process to work with you and your child(ren). I value individualizing plans to meet my clients’ needs. Together as a team, we will work towards growth and/or solutions. Services include educational planning, support, guidance, goal setting, transcript reviews and audits, IEP reviews, tutoring, and much more!   

Online Courses  Online courses combining instruction, practice, consultation, and peer support will be offered throughout the year. Join my mailing list below to receive notifications about upcoming courses. 

Speaking Engagements Contact us for to request speaches on the following topics: 

  • The Benefits of Goal Setting
  • Mindfulness in Learning
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • How to Develop 21st Century Skills

For more information, to set up a Discovery Meeting, or to inquire about speaking engagements: