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Be sure to register soon, because courses will start July 6th.

Initial Consultation                                     Free

By Appointment, Online or In Person

During our free initial consultation, we will explore your hopes and concerns for your son/daughter. We will also identify their strengths and interests. Then we will examine possible paths and services to aid you and your son/daughter on their journey towards adulthood.

Power Hour Consultation               $129  $97

By Appointment, Online or In Person

The Power Hour is used to get a more in-depth picture of the child, learning about strengths, challenges, interests, aversions, hopes, and dreams. In this meeting caregivers and the child discuss where the child is at and where they want to be. The meeting will end with a brainstorm of goals as well as tools and strategies for meeting those goals.

Skills for 21st Century Adulting     $497 $397

6 Weeks, Online 

Teens and Young Adults (ages 16-21)

Next class to begin mid or late April

Skills for 21st Century Adulting is an online course where students use my Goal Revival method to set, monitor, and achieve goals. The Goal Revival method includes developing and supporting a growth mindset as well as organizational skills.  The Goal Revival method has a positive affect on self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Goal Setting for Success!                $497 $397

6 Weeks, Online

(Parents and Caregivers)

Employers have identified self-management as a fundamental competency necessary for success. Self-awareness and goal setting are key components.

Join me for an online course where I will give you tools and techniques to Identify and create goals with your child(ren). In addition you will learn how to establish structures for monitoring progress, revising goals and for what to do when goals are completed.

Success is not measured by the goals in your life, but by the life in your goals!  -Ann Welch


Preparing for Adulthood                      

36 Weeks (School Year), Online

Teens and Young Adults (ages 16-21)

Preparing for Adulthood is a course designed to help students build skills and develop attitudes and habits they will need as they transition into adulthood.  This course will provide students with tools to help them become more independent, responsible, confident participants in their home, community, and career/education settings.  Students will also learn how to develop a growth mindset, recognizing errors and challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Self-awareness, goal setting, organization, time management, self-discipline, memory, reading and note-taking skills will be included. Career exploration, resume writing, and the job application process is also a part of this course.

Teachable Moments                       $497 $397

6 Weeks, Online

(Parents and Caregivers)

Your child deserves to be taught the essential skills to live a vibrant and full life. Skills like respect, effective communication, organization, responsibility, and determination are often overlooked by others working with your child. 

Join me for an online course where I will give you the tools and strategies to set goals and find "teachable moments" to guide and instruct your child in the skills that matter most to you.


“Ann is amazing! My daughter has a disability and any time Ann has worked with her, she really understands my daughter and knows just what to do or say to get her to understand. Ann is also very knowledgeable about special education laws and regulations and has given me some great advice in that area as well.” 

             -Heidi (Parent)


“Ann is a master teacher. With extensive experience in elementary and special education, Ann came to the Wediko School with a strong skill set and she quickly demonstrated that she could connect with and provide instruction to some of the most challenging to reach students… The positive impression Ann has had on the students in her classes cannot be understated, and by providing guidance to her colleagues her impact has spread to the entire student body…Ann’s expertise stretches across disciplines and grade/developmental levels… Ann believes in lifelong learning, and she is driven to grow and continue to stay abreast to the best practices and innovations in education and learner development.”  

            -Tobias Iselin (Principal for the Wediko School)  

“If I had to use one word to describe Ann it would be passionate… All her students simply adore her and parents value her thoughtful and insightful assessments.”   Wendy (Parent) 

“Ann has a wonderfully respectful way of working with young children fostering their intellectual social and emotional growth and also directly contributing to children's development of self-esteem by helping them to become aware of their own strengths and accomplishments. She adapts her approach to each child's personality developmental level and abilities while simultaneously expecting their personal best and honoring each child's strengths.”    Susan (Teacher)

“We are tremendously impressed with your [Ann’s] dedication, professionalism and warm spirit.” Ophelia and Timothy (Parents)

General Information

Hello! My name is Ann Welch, and I started this business out of a passion to help kids achieve success, however they define it! I am committed to working with families and children of all ages to support the child's academic and personal growth.

I offer parents and caregivers tools for home-school, public school, and private school students, ages preschool through adult. My services include goal setting, tools and strategies, planning, curriculum development, consultation, tutoring, support, and much more!

Services are provided online or in person.

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