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Do you want to teach your child something really important?

Your child deserves to be taught the essential skills to live a vibrant and full life. Skills like respect, effective communication, organization, responsibility, and determination are often overlooked by others working with your child.

Join me for an online course where I will give you the tools and strategies to set goals and find "teachable moments" to guide and instruct your child in the skills that matter most to you.

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The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my survey. Your input means a lot to me. There were a few surprises for me when I analyzed the results. I expected to see effective communication near the top, and you made it number one! However, I expected organization, collaboration/teamwork, and perseverance and motivation to be rated higher.

What’s Next? I will use the results from the survey as a focus for my upcoming blogs. In addition, I will use the data to inform a project that I am currently working on. Be on the lookout for hints as to what that project may be!

In the meantime, I hope you find the data to be thought-provoking. Please share your thoughts and questions.

Top Skills for Student Success in Life

SKILL Percentage of Adults Who Listed the Skill in Their Top 5
Effective Communication/ Communicating Across Differences 48%
Reading/Language Arts 26%
Mathematics 26%
Money Skills/Budgeting 26%
Critical thinking 23%
Problem Solving/Decision Making 23%
Food Preparation/Cooking/Cleaning 23%
Compassion/Empathy/Caring 23%
Time management 16%
Car Maintenance/Mechanical Skills/Repairs 13%
Social Skills 13%
Respectfulness 10%
Kindness 10%
Responsibility 10%
Assertiveness/ Self-Advocacy/ Self-Help 10%
Science 10%
Confidence/Positive Self-Image 10%
Life Skills 10%
Honesty/Forthrightness 10%
Technology Applications 10%
Spirituality 6%
Playing an Instrument 6%
Self-care 6%
Independence 6%
Work Ethic 6%
Self-Control/Emotional Regulation 6%
Organization 3%
Collaboration/Teamwork 3%
Perseverance and motivation 3%
Typing 3%
Running a Household 3%
Physical Education 3%
Foreign Language 3%
Self-worth 3%
Generosity 3%
Analyzing and Comparing Sources 3%
Building an Argument 3%
Listening 3%
Resilience 3%
Self-Soothing 3%
Tolerance 3%
Accepting of Others’ Beliefs 3%
Caring for the Earth 3%
Mindfulness 3%
Patience 3%
Integrity 3%
Trust 3%
Open mindedness 3%
General High School 3%
Look in the eyes of the person you are speaking with. 3%
Show you are interested in what other people are saying to you. 3%
Be ready to go above and beyond in dealings with individuals. 3%
Never display a negative attitude. 3%

August 1, 2018